The One Percent Method

There is no such thing as "an overnight success"

This point became relevant after a friend had mentioned the ridiculous climb of Ninja, the world's largest Fortnite streamer. A game and community that blew up in early 2018, Ninja's popularity skyrocketed and triggered a massive cultural event when rappers Drake and Travis Scott hopped in a lobby with the streamer.




Take a look at the chart above, showing Ninja's stream performance over time. Originally a professional Halo player, the streamer began his journey on the platform in 2013, but didn't become truly prominent on the platform until late 2017. This month the streamer accumulated 2 million new followers, 37 million views, a CNBC appearance, and cultural relevancy.

Five years of work led to his break just this year, the hours and hours of work that went into developing Ninja's on-screen persona and gaming abilities are now culminating into what is the largest stream on Twitch. 

Ninja's path to success is the sole path, putting in work to become great 1% at a time, slowly building your brand or your capabilities over years. One-hit-wonders happen, but rarely are sustainable. Becoming great at anything requires consistency. 

Success requires being committed to a project every day, to "ship" new content every day on schedule. I'll be pushing myself out of my comfort zone to do the same...

  • One New Blog Post Everyday
  • One New Success-oriented Instagram Post Everyday
  • One video or podcast every week

Think about the inevitable outcome of nothing more than maintaining this schedule. By the end of 2018, I will have published 279 new blog posts, 279 success-oriented Instagram shots, and 40 original videos or podcasts. Without even thinking about exposure, imagine my improvement in each respective field by taking reps everyday? It's this repetition-based practice that leads to growth in any field.

Andrew Falchook