The Importance of Transparency & Story in Brand-Building

In 2018, consumers are closer than ever to the brands they love. Your users want a deep, emotional connection with the products they use.

David Perell’s research into the concept of naked brands, brands that build engagement by building a human relationship with their audience, contributes significantly to this idea. 

The rise of the naked brand has taken the ad industry by storm, as brands begin to understand the value in transparency and narrative in building relationships with their consumers. 

Brands like Wendy’s understood that their followers were sick and tired of corporate BS on social media, a passive content strategy that rarely varied. 

This departure from the industry standard, taking a human approach to what is typically a bland corporate strategy, resonated with online audiences; specifically on Twitter. 

Wendy’s proved that a culturally-aware strategy that played on humor and virality over safe, dull copy worked. Such a strategy set the stage for brand behavior in 2018. MoonPie expanded on such a stance, and countless brands have followed in their footsteps since.

Ad strategies have historically relied upon brand image; a faultless, perfect product without flaws. Consumers now are seeing right through such a concept, connecting with transparency and awareness more than ever. 

Andrew Falchook