A top marketing executive, agency CEO Brian Cristiano looked to improve content output.



June, 2018


Design, Content Strategy, Video Production, Copywriting


When BoldWorldwide CEO Brian Cristiano looked to double-down on his personal brand, he inquired regarding micro content development. Since his June ‘18 correspondence, I’ve worked alongside world-class producer Beck Lievenbruck to publish on-brand visual content that tell Brian’s story through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


What we’ve accomplished:



Increased content output by syndicating vlog content into 'micro content’ clips to be re-purposed. This syndicated format of video has increased content output and engagement.



Further pushed Brian’s brand narrative by developing quote snapshots.


We’re excited to work with Brian and his team further as they begin production on ‘Growing Bold’ Season 2. We look forward on pushing the Bold brand further by improving content quality!