Since 2012, I’ve worked with Lamarr to increase content quality + community interest.



February, 2012


Design, Video Production, Content Optimization



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Key Takeaways:



Branding and format go hand in hand on YouTube. Together, we worked on establishing various potential personas for experimentation, modifying content format until we found what works. When looking to build an audience, watch what resonates and why viewers care for your content. Double down on aspects of your brand that invoke an emotional response!



Content design is a key factor in video performance. Pay close attention to how you title and thumbnail new uploads! How is your content appealing to someone who might know or care about your life? How is your content providing value to those interested in pop culture? Build high quality titles and thumbnails to attract your ideal viewer.



Increase engagement by adding clear call-to-actions. By developing high quality, gaming + product themed video popups, we were able to trigger a significant increase in audience engagement via likes, comments, and subscriptions.

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